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Patents for Humanity

Patents for Humanity

The USPTO has extended the deadline for the Patents for Humanity until October 31, 2014.


The program involves rewarding inventors and entrepreneurs for using patents to solve world problems.  Businesses who are patent owners or licensees can submit applications for the program in a select number of categories, including:  Medicine, Nutrition, Sanitation, Household Energy, and Living Standards.  Applications will be judged on how they alleviate problems for underprivileged populations.

Winners of the awards will receive a certificate to accelerate the examination of a patent application.

For all the details check out the USPTO’s Patents for Humanity Program.


Many inventors begin tinkering and creating their ideas from their childhood.

Webpage:  USPTO Kids

USPTO kids

The UPSTO recognized this and started a page especially for kids. 

There is a section for kids, teens and parents.

Different parts of the webpage include

  1. Events
  2. Videos
  3. Collector’s Cards
  4. Activities
  5. IP Patch
  6. Cool IP
  7. Links

Have kids or teens interested in patents? Parents and Teachers need more resources?

Check out the USPTO Kids webpage.

First Inventor to File Roadshow 2014

The USPTO is hosting a First Inventor to File Roadshow for Fall 2014. They will be explaining the new America Invents Act (AIA) provisions and how it applies to patent prosecution. They will be held at several locations throughout the US – including 2 held at USPTO offices and webcast live on their website.

Roadshow Route

The cities include:First Inventor To File Roadshow 2014

  1. Concord, NH
  2. Madison, WI
  3. Alexandria, VA
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Denver, CO
  6. Silicon Valley, CA
  7. Atlanta, GA




More Information

For all the details, check out:

USPTO First Inventor to File Roadshow 2014