Our first book, U.S. Patent Tools, in the series “Essential Tips for Inventors” is out! 

This series was written with the small business owner, inventor and entrepreneur in mind.  We provide practical tips for innovators with small budgets and little knowledge about intellectual property tools.

We hope that you will check out our first title “U.S. Patent Tools” which covers how inventors can track and monitor their own patent applications. 

Series: Essential Tips for Inventors
U.S. Patent Tools

U.S. Patent Tools

Series: Essential Tips for Inventors, Book 1
An eBook that empowers inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing step-by-step instructions about available tools for tracking and monitoring U.S. patents. This is not a book that describes the definition of a patent and how to file one. Instead, it shows how a small business owner can track their own patent, application or even monitor competitors' patents. More info →
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US Patent Tools Essential Tips for Inventors


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